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Executive Education

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Preparing for Retirement

At every point in our working lives, everyone will proceed on retirement whether you are in self or formal employment. Approaching retirement in itself can be quite daunting for a majority who have not adequately prepared themselves for such an event and equally frightening for those who have immersed themselves so much in work that they do not have any extracurricular activity in sight. Some survive it others struggle through it and many others do not make it all for some reason or the other. Often employees ready for retirement who have not adequately prepared will start wondering and ask themselves questions. Those who do not have adequate income also to rely become troubled as the days approach. The big question – Is there anything to worry about. The training programme aims to guide individuals on:

  •  Preparing retirement goals/plan
  • How Will Retirement Change My Life?
    - Addressing the 12 important questions asked prior to retirement
    - Can I rely on Social Security or Will Social Security Run Out of Money?
  •  Having something to look forward
  •  Occupying one’s self during retirement?
  •  Developing a new social network where primarily life is centered around work
    friends and after-work activities?
  •  Having enough to cover expenses
  • How will I handle sense of identity (or the way you think others percieve you)


Target group

Staff who have less than 15 years to retirement

Areas to cover

- Financial Support
- Health and medical support
- Recreation and social networking
- Developing hobbies for financial gains
- Time Management



Stress Management

It is a fact that stressed employees incur health care cost twice as high as other employees Over the period information gathered indicate that the price of stress at the workplace has moved to the forefront of concern for businesses. Many high stress jobs involve
compounding risk factors, such as dealing with the public and tight deadlines, or being in constant high-risk environments. Stressed workers are very often fatigued, burn out, prone to mistakes or various health issues and injuries and are more likely to be absent from work. Medical experts have warned that if these stress issues are not addressed, both the job and the employee will suffer and the costs would be high. Hence Organisations who work with targets or high risk environment especially need to pay close attention to their employees in managing their stress levels. The programme aims to enable participants:

  • Identify the cause of stress in the workplace
  • Learn the physical and psychological signs of stress from work and home
  •  Making the right life choices to impact an individual’s health and wellbeing
  • Learn basic of positive psychology
  • Understand the work/life balance and how to manage the two effectively
  • Develop action plans to tackle the most important and controllable sources of

Target group

  •  Debt Recovery Officers
  •  Relationship Officers/Managers
  • Sales officers

Area to be covered

  • Understand that stress is an unavoidable part of everybody’s life
  •  Recognize the symptoms that tell you when you have chronic stress overload
  • Change the situations and actions that can be changed
  •  Deal better with situations and actions that is beyond your control
  • Create an action plan for work and life to reduce and manage stress
  • Time Management Tips


Managerial and Supervisory Skills

It is important to prepare Managers/Supervisors who are either promoted or have entered into new roles to be prepared on how to manage people. Very often the individual may have a sound technical skill to deliver on the job but lacks the ability to delegate or supervise their direct report/s effectively which not only creates conflicts but poor performance outcome for the company. There is also a very high chance of team conflicts and office politics if a leader is not prudent enough. So for things to run smoothly and team performance to remain high the leadership must be absolutely ready and fully aware of its job. The programme aims to enable Individuals to know:

  • The importance of preparing adequately to lead/supervise teams
  • The qqualities of a good supervisor and their impact in the workplace
  • The responsibility of a Supervisor/Manager
  • Importance of forming a good working relationship with their employees
  • Delegate and give the appropriate guidance
  • Give feedback to keep team motivate

Target Groups

Newly enlisted supervisors, Supervisors/Managers/Project Coordinators

Area to be covered

  • Defining supervision
  • Principles of leadership/ Types of leadership styles
  • Responsibilities of a supervisor/Manager
  • Work together to produce the expected outcome - Planning and execution of
    work plans
  • Providing consistent feedback through Performance Management System

Customer Care and Client Communication Skills
A business cannot flourish without keeping its clients/customers happy. Hence employees responsible for representing the company to a ccustomers should be goodat communication to effectively woo the customers. It is also important to keep a
positive image of the company in the eyes of the public. It is not only what employee are presenting to customers, but the way in which they offer the product or service makes a significant difference.


The programme aims to enable Individuals:

• On the Company Vision and Mission
• Balance professionalism with Personality
• Constructive and Active Listening
• Strategic Problem-Solving
• Effective Communication
• Time Management


Target Groups
Customer Service Officers/Manager

Sales persons

Area to be covered
• Recap on Company vision, mission and value statements
• Relevance in building customer retention
• Retaining your customers and building a loyal customer base
• Understanding Customers better - Customer Service Expectations &

• Customer Service Interaction
• Customer Service Standards



Business Writing Course - Learning Objectives
Many people feel that writing is a burden or something they should be able to delegate. This essence of this programme is to assist employee to learn the value of effective writing. Courtesy is an important principle of good business writing.
The following objectives have been defined for the Business Writing:

• The value of good written communication / business writing
• How to write reports
• How to write and proofread your work so it is clear, concise, complete, and
• How to apply business writing skills in real-world situations.
• The proper format for memos, letters, and e-mails

Target Groups
Individuals who lack the ability to write effectively

Areas to cover
• Why Business Writing?
• The Four C’s of Business Writing
• Introduction of the four stages of report writing/proposal: investigating, planning,
writing, and revising
• Active & Passive Voice in Business Writing
• Business Writing Manners & Courtesy
• Practical Language in Business Writing
• Writing Business Letters
• Writing Effective Business E-mails
• Spelling and Proofreading

Workplace Ethics Awareness
Employees at every level, every employee need to have acquired a basic training course on workplace ethics. If a company’s culture makes every employee feel safe, there is a higher chance of environment being friendlier, which means more opportunities of knowledge sharing. Hence higher productivity is ensured.

This programme therefore aims to enable participants:

• Understand the importance of workplace ethics
• Create awareness of the workplace culture
• Display proper grooming and hygiene manners
• Observe attendance rules
• Able to work effectively with teams
• Have boundaries and respect for one another


Target Group
All employees

Customer facing staff, Supervisors, Heads


Area to be covered
The training programme will cover all the key aspects of work and business ethics.

Occupational Health and Safety
We all deserve to go home at the end of every working day. Every occupation has health or safety risks associated with it, and it is every employer’s responsibility to ensure that their employees can carry out their work as safely as possible. What is the purpose of the Occupational Health and Safety? The main purpose of the Act is to protect workers from health and safety hazards on the job. It sets out duties for all workplace parties and rights for workers. It establishes procedures for dealing with workplace hazards and provides for
enforcement of the law where compliance has not been achieved voluntarily.


The programme will focus on
• Right of safety at work place
• Responsibility of the worker
• Responsibility of the employer
• Managing/mitigating injury, accident and illness
• Skills to promote occupational health and safety
• First Aid and Accident Reporting

Target Group:
• Health workers
• Factory workers
• Mining workers
• Construction workers

Area to cover
• Labour Act 2003 (Act 651) Occupational Health and safety
• Duty of Care by both parties
• Incidence reporting
• Provision of first aid items

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